Telephone Directory

Dial Hospital Main Number + Extension

Department Number
Administration x303
Admissions x304
Business Office x305
Community Educator x317
Dietary x335
Emergency Room x304
Housekeeping x372
Laboratory x314
Maintenance x379
Medical Records x318
Med Surg x322
Nursing Home x401
Outpatient Services x378
Pharmacy x391
Purchasing x323
Physical Therapy x348
Radiology x330
Respiratory Care x325
Senior Care Unit x308
Surgery x331

Hospital Affiliates

Clinic Number
Community Health Clinic 601-469-4771
Forest Family Practice 601-469-4861
Forest Sleep Clinic 601-469-2254
Lackey Pediatric Clinic 601-469-3320
Lackey Outpatient Behavioral Health of Forest 601-469-4124
Lackey Outpatient Behavioral Health of Carthage 601-267-0145
Lackey Outpatient Behavioral Health of Philadelphia 601-656-4330
Main Street Medical Morton 601-732-1524
Newton Family and Pediatric Clinic 601-683-0330